Invisible Frontliners

  • In theatrestbc
  • Production year2022
  • CountrySwitzerland
  • Length50
  • LanguageOV/de/en
  • ProductionFirst Hand Films
  • DirectorHedwig Bäbler
  • CastDocumentary
  • Age restrictiontbc
  • Festivals
    Solothurner Filmtage 2022


There are jobs without which society would not function. Who are those caretakers, the people who keep everyday life going, who keep the homes clean, provide food, and make it possible for the rest of us to live and work comfortably even during a pandemic?

In Switzerland, there is a basic lack of social recognition for these frontliners. Before, many of them were largely invisible. That has changed. Society today is aware of the value of their work. But what has really changed? And how do these hard workers feel about the attention they suddenly got? Why do they stay in their jobs and what would they change?
The film gives a voice to those that usually remain silent and invisible: a single mother, a young nurse, a sales manager and mother of three, a politically active child care worker and a Portuguese immigrant working as restaurant manager. In a very fine and silent way, harsh realities are addressed and the big topics of these frontliners become close and clear.

Solothurner Filmtage

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Special Screenings

11.11.22 | 19.00
Special screening in the presence of director Hedi Bäbler and protagonist Rebecca Lüthi